Game Modes in WOW

In the interest of helping players to understand the differences between pve, pvp and rp servers in WOW I have decided to start this article on Game Modes. When you are playing a character in WOW you will be doing so in one or more of 3 types of gametypes which define how other players may interact with your character. These are called game modes.

Game modes are not to be confused with the types of servers which WOW runs on, these are realms vs. servers. Realms simply denotes the type of server that it is, either US or EU based and then there are different versions of each realm which have separate names but are all run by Blizzard. Servers are physical machines which all talk to each other to form the vast network that is WOW. Each server can have a different set of game modes depending on how the world is configured and patched by Blizzard. There is no way for players to change their gamemode, it’s a property of their account and what type of realm/server they are playing on.

How to upgrade legendary shadowlands

I’ve seen a lot of questions over the years about how to upgrade legendary to shadowlands. I think one of the reasons for this is that people are looking in the wrong place for it. The correct quest giver is Lord Jierdan inside Ironhold Harbor’s side entrance, not Lord Serilas who is found in the Shadow Vault’s side entrance. I’ve attached a shot of them both with their correct locations.

Once you talk to the right person and turn in the quest there are a few things that people fail to mention about this upgrade. First, make sure you have your two current level 70’ish lego’s on you and make sure they are not in your bags. Second, it will not take the first lego that you hand him. He will accept both and say “behold”, at which point you must stop handing them to him and let him finish his dialogue before you can provide more pieces. Once he has finished speaking you hand as many pieces as you have to him and he will take them.

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

This is how most of us refer to the game mode that allows players to fight NPC’s, or non-player characters. This is one of three types of gaming modes in World of Warcraft. As the name implies this is a type of gaming mode where there are no player vs player mechanics involved. You are simply fighting against environment generated mobs and NPCs.

Most quests will be in PvE mode and most zones are also configured this way. There is no risk to your character in PvE and you can go about questing without fear that another player may kill you or steal from you. There are a few exceptions, such as the PvP level 10-19 areas like Stranglethorn Vale and Ashenvale that are completely open to PvP action. Many places in WOW such as the major cities have inns which are safe from being attacked by other players, but this is not true in all areas of the world. There are also some quests that have special mechanics where it might be necessary for you to fight another player such as the Furbolg medicine quest.

Player vs Player (PvP)

This is another type of gaming mode where you will be pitted against other players in combat. This happens when one player attacks another unprovoked or if there is a specific mechanic involved such as an attack on a base like in Warsong Gulch or a battleground like Arathi Basin. Other areas such as Scarlet Monastery and the Wailing Caverns also allow players to fight against each other in certain rooms or at special times.

The main difference between PvE and PvP is that any player can attack another unprovoked in PvP mode, including rogues, druids who are shapeshifted as well as feral druids. It is not possible to kill other players in PvE mode, this would be considered a bug since NPC’s and environment do not have the ability to fight back or resist your attacks.


While there are certainly other game modes, these are the most common types of gaming modes found in WOW. It is important to understand what type of character you will be playing since this affects how quests and zones work as well as their difficulty levels.

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